EthiVegan Retreats

by Ignas Serepka


Ethivegan Retreats – Open up to new possibilities; immerse yourself in vegan, gluten-free and raw food
cooking lessons with Edward Daniel and learn about gut health, how the spiritual
laws of consciousness give a better understanding of riding the wave of life and
imposing boundaries that’ll lead to a more fulfilling life. Supplemented with yoga and
harmonic gong bath to relieve those excess stresses. Leave aside the World even
for a few days.

Nourishing full board with your own private chef to rustle up that perfect meal.
Peaceful campsite accommodation with compost loos and warm showers.


Nestled in the heart of Jane Austen countryside, in a remote former mill, with
meandering Rivar Gara bordering the grounds, this retreat is the ideal place to seek
contemplation, unwind and relax.


Full Raspberry Moon Retreat – Saturday 20 July 2024 to Monday 22 July 2024 – 3 days

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Full Red Moon Retreat – Sunday 18 August 2024 to Tuesday 20 August 2024 – 3 days

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£300 – full board – evening first day to afternoon third day
Non-alcoholic mindful retreat.
Maximum 10 participants. Limited availability.


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