by Ignas Serepka

The Alternative Vegan Christmas Cooking Class

Wanting to cook something awesome for Christmas? Wanting a dummy run? Show
me what you’ve got…. Today is your time to shine.
Here’s an innovative and delicious vegan meal plan for Christmas Day, which we will
prepare and cook together in person and we can enjoy afterwards.

1. Appetiser:

Stuffed Mushrooms; Portobello mushrooms overfilled with Brussels sprouts,
Brazil nuts and infused with cinnamon and citrus lemon.

2. Main course

Vegetable Wellington; a flaky puff pastry filled with vegetables, lentils and savoury sauce

3. Sides

Winter Citrus Salad; a mix of citrus fruit, mixed greens, pomegranate seeds and a tangy citrus dressing

4. Dessert

Chocolate Mousse; creamy heavenly velvety satin mousse with melted dark chocolate, coconut cream and airy aquafaba.

5. Drinks

Cranberry Orange Sparkler; a festive non-alcoholic drink made with cranberry juice, sparkling water and a splash of orange juice

This meal plan offers a variety of flavours and textures, showcasing the best
seasonal ingredients.
Date – Saturday 25 November from 10am.
Price – £100, including ingredients, and enjoying what we make together.
Place – my home in Highbury, London.
Limited to 4 people.
Come as you are. I can provide an apron too, if you don’t have one.
Email me at Edward.daniel@edwarddaniel.com to find out more

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