Meet the author – Edward Daniel

by Edward Daniel


Life is perfect precisely because it presents challenges that shape us to become better versions of ourselves. My ex partner, friend, and rock, Rory, said to me “Edward, are you on brand”?  Subtle, gentle and nurturing in his ways, I had think about this question he posed.  And, then more recently my therapist, Lee mentioned that this “Meet the Author” section of this website was all about my past achievements “Where did I see myself going in the next 30 years”? More recently, my clairvoyant, Michele mentioned “Isn’t it time to change the look of your website, Edward”?

So, with fresh eyes I am writing this little expose, if you will.  With Rory’s, Lee’s and Michele’s questioning suddenly I started to venture down another rabbit hole.  I started to look at the videos I had created, the people I had interviewed and the adventures I have had to date.

Since becoming vegan in 2013, my life has been rich and colourful. Becoming Chair of The Vegan Society, having a mobile vegan catering van and serving up dishes at events, being invited to speak at Europe’s largest vegan festival, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin and at the Bali Vegan Festival, and undertaking cooking demonstrations at UK’s largest festival, Vegan Life Live and also at Mind Body Spirit.  All of these were achievements and fun.

For me. life is about fun.  If something no longer becomes fun it is a sign to change it.  So, part of gaining focus and clarity is to delete or toss aside all the stuff that is no longer serving you. This allows us to feel liberated and allows those dormant gifts of ours to rise up, surface and bloom.

I see Ethivegan as having a much wider perspective. Earth has been birthing anew over the last few years. As the Earth is increasing her vibrational frequency, so we are able to integrate more of the soul into the body. We are shifting and deepening our consciousness, appreciating that all our darkness from within needs to come to the surface in order to be healed and released. Externally, we are seeing birthing pains in our realisation that we are all connected and that the external control systems are no longer serving humanity. In our cognitive dissonance – as each of us takes responsibility for our own traumas and wound, we reach a place of harmony.  My internal world of harmony is merely a reflection of my outer harmonious world, which permits to be in the flow of creativity and live an abundant life doing all the stuff I love. Meditation and spending time in isolation helps me reach a place of balance.

So, returning to brand – What am I doing? And, where am I going?

Well, I know I like creating recipes, and I realise my food styling skills need to improve, I realise I need to understand my camera better, and I realise I like to be in front of the camera doing live cooking demonstrations and having guests on the show with me.

As to where I am heading, I want to manifest a vegan travel and cooking show – I’d like to continue meeting people that are just doing their own stuff, making the world a better place and showcasing how to make wonderful vegan food.  And, have fun while doing it all.

Eventually, with the cooking show I do see myself having a food product range but to be honest, what such products might look like I don’t know.

My long term goal is to introduce spirituality into everyone’s life.   I am really fortunate, to be able to do the things I want to – I trust spirit and know that it has my best interests to heart, and, yet I am the master of my ship.  And, being carefree and free-spirited allows me to move with the wind and when I have wanted to focus on something I can do so with great intensity.

Imagine a life where we are able to manifest our ideas; our dreams.

Imagine a life where we are able to learn the lessons that affect our karma.

Imagine a life where we are able to create new realities – attracting new opportunities….

Of course, life can be challenging.

Of course, life can be hard.

But there is a way, don’t be afraid of using your personal power to achieve your goals.

So, I shall leave you there…


Edward x

P.S. More details of my other professional qualifications can be found on my Linked profile here.