Meet the author – Edward Daniel

by Edward Daniel


Life is perfect precisely because it presents challenges that shape us to become better versions of ourselves. My ex Rory, said to me “Edward, are you on brand”?  Subtle, in his ways, I thought about this question.  My therapist, Lee mentioned that this “Meet the Author” section had focussed on my past achievements, “Where did I see myself going in the next 30 years”? My clairvoyant, Michele mentioned too “Isn’t it time to change the look of your website, Edward”?

So, with Rory’s, Lee’s and Michele’s questioning, I started to look at the videos I had created, the people I had interviewed and the adventures I had to date.

i became vegan just at the end of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012.  This coincided with my enlightenment and view of the World has changed dramatically since then. I have gathered a portfolio of experiences –  becoming Chair of The Vegan Society, having had a mobile vegan catering van and serving up dishes at events, being invited to speak at Europe’s largest vegan festival, Veganes Sommerfest Berlin, speaking at the Bali Vegan Festival, undertaking cooking demonstrations at UK’s largest festival, Vegan Life Live and at Mind Body Spirit have all shaped me to become the person I am now. These achievements have led to a greater confidence in my dealing with the outside world.

Part of gaining focus is to toss aside all the stuff that is no longer serving us.  Liberation follows and allows dormant gifts to rise to the floor.

I see Ethivegan as having a much wider perspective than simply creating recipes. Earth has been birthing anew over the last few years with the energies intensifying on 21 December 2020 – with another wave of awakenings taking place. Humanity is awakening in its consciousness, becoming aware that all is not what it seems.  As Earth is increasing her vibrational frequency, so we too are able to integrate more of the Higher Soul into our bodies. We are shifting and deepening our consciousness, appreciating that all our darkness and the wounds that lay hidden within need to be surfaced, examined, and released. Such darkness and wounds have held humanity back.

Externally, we are seeing birthing pains; the external control systems no longer serve humanity. We realise our cognitive dissonance – our behaviours are not in alignment with humanity’s potential. As we take responsibility for our own traumas and wounds, we reach a place of harmony.  My internal world of harmony is a reflection of my outer harmonious world, which permits me to be in the creative flow and lead an abundant life doing stuff I love. Meditation and spending time in isolation helps me reach a place of balance, flow and achievement. Meditating allows us to work with our energy fields and as our aura is pulsating – to send out energy of love and healing to humanity.  Merely of setting an intention, visualising the best outcome for humanity – a World eradicated of harm and suffering to all life – we can manifest and change the frequency of humanity.

Spirituality plays a major part as to why I do what I do.  Creating recipes is a way for me to go within, connect with Spirit and gather momentum in coming up with new dishes. Often ask myself, “What do I want to create”? – not knowing what dish I might serve up.  Being creative allows us to connect into our feminine aspects. This melds with the logical rationale masculine which leads to action. In oscillating between the feminine aspects of being and moving into our masculine aspects of action – we combine both skill sets and come to a place of balance and achievement.

Veganism is an expression of non-violence and connecting with all of life.   Food is our medicine. Food is also information that we take in. In a world where cruelty is inflicted on animals leading to their ending on our plate, we need to appreciate that in ingesting those animals we are ingesting their pain and suffering too. The impact of this is that it lowers our vibrational frequency. If our vibration is to remain high, we need to take care of the food we ingest. Imagine the pain and suffering of factory farmed animals have a shorter life expectancy than their potential, raised in solitary or close confinement only to be ultimately slaughtered.

As above, so as below.  If we are causing harm to other sentient beings then this creates karma. If our humanity collectively causes harm to animals then that collective karma will need to be repaid to the Universe and will manifest itself in our external World. Karma must find a way to express itself. Such expression, could explain why humanity faces lockdowns. In being caged within the confines of our homes, not being able to connect with loved ones nor feeling the touch and embrace of others, humanity is experiencing a taste of how factory farmed animals unable to roam and flourish freely might be feeling.  It is a sobering thought to consider.

Similarly, issues such as human trafficking, sex and child slavery, and adrenochrome are surfacing in our collective consciousness and are mere reflections of how humanity remains in misalignment with our relationship to each other and with animals. A harmonious World can only be achieved when we realise we have a collective responsibility as guardians to Earth – and if we wish others to treat us with kindness, we must equally extend our kindness to others.  It is also about taking collective responsibility for injustices and ensure that such injustices are rectified.

Change for the positive and higher timelines can only take place if we raise our consciousness.  Raising our consciousness allows us to tap into the frequency of love.  In treating others including animals with love and compassion, and allowing others to express themselves without judgement and sending them away with love when they do not match our vibrational frequency, allows us then to move into the creative flow. Opportunities abound. Synchronicities take place exponentially.  New experiences and timelines open to us where manifestation of our dreams become reality. Spirituality and not materialism leads to the feelings of happiness and bliss. Joy can only happen once we deal with our traumas and wounds head and in the process extinguish them.

As the only thing within my power and control is my internal world and how I feel about the World, I have realised that in changing my own perspective on life I can move into a place of alignment. My inner world then becomes a reflection of my outer world. Viewing the external world differently is about piercing the veil. When we go beyond the narrative that is being presented to us including the news we see that there is a depth to life. Remember the NEWScast is merely a magical spell to the North, East, West and South corners of our planet, enticing us to fall for a staged narrative – when we claim our soveriegnty we take back our power and navigate back to our inner guidance system. When we view what is being presented with critical thinking and an overflowing heart, we bypass all falsities and reach into a new dimension of consciousness.

On my journey to veganism it was never clear to me why I had not previously realised the harm that I had unwittingly inflicted on animals in my consumption of them. In my awakening, I realised that I had participated to the harm and suffering of animals. And, this repulsed me. Such conditioning of ingesting animals was a programme of control – ingesting animal life keeps us in a lower vibrational frequency. There is no rationale as to why we should harm animals or require them in our diets. There is cognitive dissonance – why keep cats and dogs as pets and treat them lovingly and yet the same cannot be applied to pigs, cows and sheep? In our cognitive disssonance we use such terms as pork and beef as a way to dissociate ourselves from feelings. When we move to feelings and a heart-centric space then the magic happens – we move into a place of alignment.  Imagine inversely if we no longer ingested animals that had suffered pain? Once we had worked through our traumas we become fearless and unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with.

So, returning to brand – “What am I doing”? “And, where am I going”?

Looking back I can see that my recipes have vastly changed to when I first started this website back in 2013. I have experimented with ingredients – become more confident in exploring and creating raw and gluten-free food.  I want to teach others how we can move away from processed foods – processed foods are harmful to our bodies. Of course, I still eat processed food and this is partly to do with laziness. But a rhythm of cooking at home allows us to have a more nourishing and wholesome meal.

My food styling skills have improved too. I understand my camera better. I love being in front of the camera doing live cooking demonstrations and having guests on the show with me.

As to where I am heading, I want to manifest a vegan travel and cooking show – I’d like to continue meeting people that are just doing their own stuff, making the world a better place and showcasing how to make wonderful vegan food.  And, have fun while doing it all.

Eventually, with the cooking show I do see myself having a food product range but to be honest, what such products might look like I don’t know.

My long term goal is to introduce spirituality into everyone’s life.   I am really fortunate, to be able to do the things I want to – I trust Spirit to have my best interests to heart, and, yet I am the master of my ship.  I can create and achieve anything I want if I put focus too it. And, being carefree and free-spirited allows me to move with the wind and when I have wanted to focus on something I do so with great intensity.

Imagine a life where we are able to manifest our ideas; our dreams.

Imagine a life where we are able to learn the lessons that affect our karma.

Imagine a life where we are able to create new realities – attracting new opportunities….

Of course, life can be challenging.

Of course, life can be hard.

But there is a way, don’t be afraid of using your personal power to achieve your goals.

So, I shall leave you there…  Reach out to me if you would like to learn more, want lessons in vegan cooking, food styling, act as a photographer or teach further on spirituality.  I am intending to offer retreats in 2022, so please contact me to express your interest.


Edward x