Green Bean Pepper and Celery Curry

by Edward Daniel
Green Bean, Pepper and Celery Curry recipe

Melt into something that’ll have your mouth-watering.

Rosemary scented crunchy green bean, pepper and celery sticks in a turmeric, cumin and fenugreek curry; Green Bean, Pepper and Celery Curry.

This recipe will topple your belief that vegan food can’t be nourishing.

Make this:

  • When you fancy a fresh light curry that’ll have you simpering for more
  • When you’ve got the lads over for games night and a quick curry that will tussle their feathers will do nicely
  • When you’ve just had a meander on a nice summery evening and a fresh dish will have you quivering

Green Bean, Pepper and Celery Curry was inspired when I’d just visited the local farmer’s market one summery day and fancied a fresh light curry.

Green beans are exceptional in providing dietary fibre, which reduces cholesterol levels.

Green Bean, Pepper and Celery Curry is vegan.


Edward x


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